Career Dots is a one-stop career assessment and guidance system

What is CareerDots?

CareerDots is a web-based career guidance and career assessment platform that can help you connect and learn about your career possibilities. Your personalized features help you build your career road map with only a few clicks!
Find all about the careers that meet your personality with our robust career assessment tools.
Know about your every step towards your dream career as we help you match your developing skills.
Plan out your education today to expand your future career opportunities.
Sketch out your career map with the help of our cutting-edge career planning tools.
Your Own Career Guide

Easy to Use

User-friendly features let you paddle through career maize with ease.

Great Resource

One-stop career resource provides you with a unique edge.

Your Career GPS

Know where you stand on your career journey and how to get to your goals.
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What Can CareerDots Do For Me?

Find out now. CareerDots provides guidance tools for a most affective approach to matching you with your future in education and career.

Why Take Your Career Seriously?

We understand how important are your career dreams to you. That is why we continue to improve our existing features and add many new ones to help you keep your focus on your career goals. CareerDots is a secure, easy and most powerful way to connect your present activities and personal dimensions with your career pathways.