Career Planner

Sketch out your career map with the help of our cutting-edge career planning tools! You should have most of your steps outline by now and should be ready to document your work history and future goals. In our Career Planner you will find all the tools needed to draw your professional framework. This one stop picture of your future goals and dreams connected to your past and current steps towards them provide you the most comprehensive view of your career pathway.

My Areas of Growth

Document the areas in which you have shown significant growth or if you are finding certain challenges in pursuing growth. Your career coach may also find this information useful in helping you find solutions to your career challenges.
My Areas of Growth
My Future Goals and Dreams

My Future goals & Dreams

Writing down about your future goals and dreams can help you stay focused, therefore, we provide you a tool that not only lets you reflect back on all your future career and life goals and dreams but also provide you career coach a valuable insight about your ambitions.

My Occupational Cluster

Thousands of career options belong to few main occupational clusters and as you go through our career assessment features, with the help of this feature, you can find out which occupational cluster you belong.
My Areas of Growth
Post Secondary Education

Post Secondary Education

Planning out your post secondary goals can never be easier and fun! Our post secondary planner helps you prioritize your education and occupational goals with ease. Our archiving feature lets you compare your plans for a better overview.

My Work History

Document your work history with ease and help build your professional resume. As you add your past work experiences through this feature, Career Dots automatically populates your resume with your provided information. You can also easily edit the existing work history with the help of this section.
Work History
Saved Occupations

My Saved Occupations

Explore the vast universe of occupations and save the ones you like the most! Our occupational search feature lets you go through our extensive occupational database to help you learn more about your dream careers.