Career Dots is a one-stop career assessment and guidance system

Skills Profiler

Career Dots helps you match all of your developing skills with career opportunities. We all gain important skills while providing community services or engaging in after-school and other activities. These skills can later help us achieve our career goals in life. Our Skills Profiler section help you see your career future as you map out your career path by capturing the skills you acquire today. Outline your skills by using our state-of-the-art Skills Profilers and we will help you see what career pathways you are choosing for yourself.

My After School Activities

Positive after school activities help you gain vital skills in life and we connect the skills you acquire with possible career options. Find out about the future career possibilities your after school activities are helping you with.

My After School Activities
Community Service
My Community Service

Helping others indirectly helps you build your skills and occupational horizon. We connect the skills learned from your community
services to career possibilities you might be qualified for in the future. Its simple yet let you see beyond today.

My Life Skills

The skills you acquire in life come in handy when you enter professional arena. My Life Skills offers you direct connection between your skills and career options. More you are diversified and good at certain skills; greater is the chance for you to achieve more in your profession.

Life Skills
My Activities
My Activities

Outline and connect all your activities with careers by using My Activities feature. Let your career counselor provide you better help by understanding the challenges faced by you. Integrated with Resume Builder, this feature also helps you build professional resume.