Target Market

Who should take this Online Career Assessment Test?
Every CareerDots online career assessment test is suitable for ages 14 and up. In particular, the career assessment test is judicious for the following groups:
1. Homeschool Students
Every CareerDots online career test is a handy tool for discerning exactly where your child fits along a curriculum itinerary. These tests can bring light to the subjects where your child outshines and also the areas in their education that presents a deficit. For parents who are just beginning the Homeschool journey with their child, it is a prudent step to start with a career quiz even if you are not planning to use a specific curriculum.
2. School Leavers
It is very commonly seen that most students finishing school have no idea what they want to do. Some enroll in a degree at college or university and wish for the best, some go out to the working world and get a job while others travel overseas. The dilemma with these approaches is that many students find they don't enjoy their course and back out in the first year or struggle through it until they can transfer to a new course. This is a waste of time and money. To reduce the risk of this situation happening, we recommend that school leavers prior to making a decision on their future career take our online career assessment test. Not only will they redeem a list of suggested careers, but they will find out which college majors they are most likely to enjoy.
3. High School and College Graduates
Many students enjoy their coursework but upon graduating, might not know how to best utilize their conceptual knowledge. As a result, many of these students end up in jobs that are irrelevant to their studies. To minimize the risk of this, we encourage students to take our online career assessment test prior to applying for graduate positions. This will direct them to the most appropriate role and clarify the careers that are best suited to them.
4. Career Changers
It is observed that many people are ready for a career change after two to three years of graduating from college or university. On average, working individuals have around five to seven career changes and twenty nine different jobs throughout their lifetime.* Considering the fact that in recent years people are working longer hours, it is important that we enjoy what we do. When people are dissatisfied with their job positions, it affects their relationship with family and friends. If you are unhappy in your job it might be time to consider a career change. Start by taking our online career assessments. Our Career Profiler test will identify the careers that best suit you and will provide you with suggested areas of study that you are likely to enjoy. Furthermore, our tests will give you an action plan and a list of suggested websites for researching each career.
5. Career Confirmers
For people who enjoy their job but are still interested to find out what other careers may suit them, our online career test i.e. career planner is the perfect tool. Through this career planner people can sketch out their career map information obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor. Many people slump into a job without spending much time thinking about what actually motivates them. They may have been offered a job at a young age and find themselves staying in that job for the next five to ten years. In this situation, we suggest people to try our online career quiz and speak to a Career Counselor to find out what other careers they might be matched with and whether they should consider a career change. CareerDots builds your career portfolio as you go through our various features and lets you review and share it with your career coach. "My Portfolio" feature gives you a snapshot of your career road map and helps you stay focused.