Sharing Resources for a BIGGER Cause

Cambridge, Jun 01, 2012

CareerDots and Independent Consultants of Education offered an inspirational conference about how to help youth in achieving
more through working together.

May 21, 2012, Cambridge, MA

CareerDots, an online one-stop career assessment and guidance system that provides help to youth to stay focus in their career goals, and Independent Consultants of Education (I.C.E), a consortium of educators aiming to assist individuals or groups seeking support in educational advancement, partnered together to provide an informative and interactive evening to encourage collaborative learning and sharing between all the attendees for one basic goal: Making a brighter and prosperous future for the next generation.

The night began with a networking event in which all attendees shared information on their jobs and concerns related to the education sector in the US. Attendees included representatives from the Institute for the Future of Learning, Students United for a Better Education, Leaders of Tomorrow- Boston, Educators of the Somerville Public Schools and more.

Edward Walker, Founder and President of I.C.E. presented his inspirational ideas about education in the U.S. and the importance of sharing resources to help youth succeed not only when out of school but throughout all the stages of education. In his presentation he pointed out how important mentors are in the life of a youth, "I grew up without a mother and a father but my mentor was always there for me showing me the best way to take according to my skills"

Later in the evening Veronica Rousseau, Marketing Specialist from CareerDots gave a speech about career development and how technology is transforming the U.S. economy, a reason why an online assessment tool comes in handy for the new generation who is now spending most of their free time on the internet. "What can we do? Provide resources to the youth that can help them in planning their careers better..."

The event concluded with a session of Q&A in which the attendees shared information and gave feedback in how to better connect their organizations and start "Sharing Resources for a Bigger Cause".