CareerDots at the Great Homeschool Convention

Cambridge, Jun 26, 2012

For the first time, CareerDots was present in the Great Homeschool Convention in Hartford, CT offering services to the Homeschool community

Cambridge, June 26th 2012

Every year the Great Homeschool Convention has been hosting events with the goal of providing an opportunity to the Homeschool community to share resources and connect with different organizations. This year for the first time, a convention in Hartford, CT was held from June 14th to June 16th at the Hartford Convention Center as the main location for the Northeast Great Homeschool Convention and as part of all the other GHC events that take place throughout the country.

The convention provided Homeschool families with the broadest range of materials and resources. A key factor was the presence of various speakers who were invited guests and free to present their subject matters. More than 200 organizations had a booth at the convention and more than 1500 people attended.

CareerDots had the opportunity to attend as a vendor and offered their services to the Homeschool community which includes not only families but also different organizations that share the same mission of self education.

Many families felt interested in providing their children with a tool that could help them understand the best career path especially after graduation. CareerDots was there to explain the importance of matching personality with jobs and occupations as well as finding the best university or apprenticeship program to pursue a career that can lead to the occupation of their choice. Because of the great interest received, CareerDots offered a great discount in their yearly package as a special offer for the ones who signed up during the convention.

The Homeschool community continues to support organizations like CareerDots who seek to provide a guidance system that can help the young generation to stay focused in their career goals.