Monday mornings were such a boring day for Diana Grande (a fictional character). She faced the weekday with real regret. She sat at her kitchen table just wishing that it were still the weekend. She was not mentally prepared to go to the office for doing work because she feels stuck, with no way out.

Whenever Diana thinks about changing her career path, she feels afraid about the upcoming situation, she considered her barriers. She thought that she could never change her current career path. Maybe she didn’t believe in herself. Diana needed someone to help her explore her possibilities.

Actually, she needed to have a goal in mind for what she really wanted. For this purpose she began her exploration by finding out what kinds of jobs were currently available, and what the hiring criteria was. She noted what types of jobs appealed to her and started gathering information about the jobs in which she was interested. For this purpose she talked to people currently doing the type of work she wanted to do, and learned how to get there. She also gathered information from career experts, guiders, college counselors and local members of an industry related professional association. With the help of career guiders and through her self-assessment she made a career map, which guided her throughout her career journey. Today Diana is satisfied with her career path and she enjoys her work, even on Monday mornings.

Today there are many people like Diana who are unemployed or have an undesirable job. That is all because of career disorientation. The people who do not decide first, what they want to be in their future mostly have to face such problems. We can say that Diana had to face this entire situation because of her career disorientation. She was not there, where she wanted to be professionally. If she were guided in the beginning of her career, maybe the situation would have been different. We can say that career mapping plays a vital role in curing career disorientation. Once you decide the path you want to take, it is easier to get where you want to go. There are two ways to choose a career. First, you can get your education according to your goal and choose your career according to your choice, and the second way is that you can choose a career according to your education.

Career planning helps us to formulate and create our future smoothly. For example, if you want to be a banker, you would choose to go for ACCA or CA or MBA in finance. After planning your career, you can map your future out. Career mapping can provide you with a clear direction and proper guidance throughout your career journey. To create a career map, you must be able to examine your position, and you should have an aim in your mind. You should know what you want to be in the future, and what skills are needed for your desired job.

So, if you want to attain your ideal job, you have to map your career, done with the help of career counselors and career guides. Career mapping will guide you throughout the journey of your future career.




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