Article by: Muhammad Ali Gilani

Many graduates have the misfortune to end up in a dull job situation or find their work to be irrelevant to their interests after a time. Maybe some of your friends are stuck with a profession that does not give them any job satisfaction or growth. Or maybe you came across others who are not clear which job to opt for after completing their education.  Why does this happen? This is because they have not received the right career counseling or they find it hard to choose and locate one career that can change their future and land them in their desired job.  This situation asks for the help of a career guidance counselor who might be able to provide you with an insight of what is going on in the job market, which aspect of a job is essential and how to find your ideal job. The sooner you find the right path, the sooner you can be on your way to a gratifying career.

Career advisors have a deep and broad understanding of the job market. A career counselor’s responsibility is usually not to find you a job; it’s to help you focus on particular career opportunities best suited for you. They better understand what qualities are needed for a particular job. No matter what your passion is, the best place to start is with career advice. They use a variety of methods to get you to know which career paths and jobs are best for your personal abilities, experience, education, and dreams. Consider flat fee recruitment or low cost recruitment services  to help out with your search. The chief attribute of a great career counselor must be to offer counseling to students for selecting a suitable career path and also to present thorough information about potential professions.  Check the background and the experience of the career counselor before you go in for it. After all, quality does matter and is worth every penny invested.

Noticeably, it is not a simple task to plan a career. Today many institutions or companies are equipped with well trained counselors and some of them have held top positions in firms.  Finding a counselor, coach or someone who has “been there” can be a big asset for your career search. They can provide you with the right career direction and help you make up your mind. The counselors have been in the industry for long and they can evaluate your weaknesses, strengths and counsel you accordingly. So, if you follow their advice, it is unlikely that you will make a wrong career move.

Career advisors will provide you with various guidelines that will help you conclude whether or not a company or job is suitable for you. In this way, you can never go off beat with the career you have chosen for yourself and job satisfaction will be achieved.  They will also equip you with details of what to look for in a job so that it can provide you with ample scope of growth. This also helps you maintain your job for a longer time and provides a valuable solution for your career path. Career counseling can help you to find the job that not only helps to demonstrate your ability and talent at its best, but also saves you from taking a wrong career choice that you would be disappointed with later on.

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