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Article by:  Eumari Bonilla

There was a little girl back in the 90’s who wanted to be a saleswoman when she grew up. She decided that every summer she and her sister would make popsicles as a fun family activity. She sold popsicles to neighbors and friends and made some money while practicing her selling skills. That little girl is a very close friend of mine and now a successful sales manager working at a recognized retail store.

Summer time is here, school is out but how much do you stay engaged with your career goals? We do agree, summer is a time to enjoy the sun, the beach, the pool, friends, barbeques and much more but it is always good to keep your goals in mind.

Results from a Homeschool community question: “What do you find time to do in the summer?” (Posted in the HEAV Facebook page) yielded different activities including trips to the beach, gardening, summer camps, swimming at a local pool, and more. Many of the respondents continue to engage in activities which progressed the development of their skills that would be useful for educational and career opportunities. Activities such as trips to the library, read aloud books, visiting museums, among other things are good options to keep engaged with career goals while having fun.

We encourage you to become a leader in what you do and what you enjoy. The best time to do this is when you actually have a little bit more time, when is that? Summer time!

So, if you like fashion, try to write an article for a fashion magazine or design new clothes for your friends. If you are into arts, sign up for art camp or an art contest. If you want to be a veterinarian, why not visit zoos this summer and try to learn more about the animals? And if you like marketing, you sure have to practice your writing skills so maybe starting your own blog will help you with that.

If you have more ideas of how to develop your skills during summer time (don’t forget, while having fun), please feel free to write it as a comment on our Facebook page ( We will be happy to read your ideas and comment on them.

Have a great summer!

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Article by: Muhammad Ali Gilani

Studies show that only 80-85% of all U.S. workers are highly unsatisfied in their current jobs. Add to that fact data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows that the intermediate worker now shift through 10+ jobs over the course of a career and you get a hideous picture of how well we all do when left to our own devices.
If so many people are nullify and discourage, why don’t they seek help? Why People Don’t Seek Career Guidance from a Career Consultant?
3 key Reasons
1. They don’t know the significance of career consultants what career consultants really do;
2. They think that they cannot fit it in to their schedule;
3. They perceive it will cost too much.

Sound familiar? So what is the need and why should you seek the guidance of a career consultant?
What a Qualified Career Consultant Can Do for You
• Help you unveil what may be adhere you back;
• Help you map out education and training steps (if needed);
• Help guide you in how to market yourself (interviewing, resume prep, networking).
• Help you assess your passions, interests, strengths, skills, attitudes, personality and values;
• Help you identify a career path that really fits you;

The absolute superlative thing about the career guidance process is the way it makes you feel. Stop right now and close your eyes. Check how you really feel about your current situation. How do you feel about the way the next 5 years of your life are likely to unfold if you stay on the current path?
Are you aware of your core competencies? Are you on the right track? Is your current direction the best use of your talents? Are you really happy or satisfy? Do you feel valued? Are you motivated enough when you wake up in the morning?
Do you feel like you’re fluttering, move aimlessly or just scraping through each day? Are you anxious, frustrated, or even annoyed because you really don’t know what your next step should be? So if you believe that you fall into this second group, it’s time to get some help.
You take your car to a professional for a tune-up… isn’t your career path more worthy than an oil change?
How to Find A Qualified Career Consultant
• An easy and the best way to find qualified career guidance is to search online. But as you consider your options and alternatives make sure that you choose a program that lets you actually speak directly with a career consultant – some services only offer email exchange.
• Look for a career consultant or career counselor who has a Masters Degree and at least five years experience in career guidance.
• Look for a program that offers a 1-to-1 personal career guidance and combination of self-assessments.

Stop waiting for a billboard moment. Get the help you deserve to find a life direction that fits!
What you actually need to do is beware of anyone who will not tell you up front what his/her fees are. This website contains career exploration tools, self-assessments, and 1-to-1 career guidance in one convenient, affordable program. helps students and adults at all life stages. Find more information about career guidance, career mapping or try a free interest analysis

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Article by: Muhammad Ali Gilani

The choice of a career involves a lot of planning. It is the decision of a lifetime. Career information research involves great deal of exploration. Students and those who are about to undergo the challenges of experiencing a new life after formal education and getting jobs, would benefit greatly from career assessment. You can say that it is like a self-assessment with the understanding of your attributes in various inculcations. There are some major attributes in career assessment that will be tackled to understand more your readiness on embarking on a career. Employment right now is quite challenging but that does not mean taking everything with a grain of salt. It is essential for you to be passionate about your career. What it involves is finding a way to discover and uncover possibilities that you might not have thought of before.

It is both scary and exciting to be employed on a new job and it is quite a feat to find job that you really like. It takes time and a little bit of patience to get to that point. There are many career options available today, such as business, industry and academics .So what can career assessment do for your benefit?  Firstly, with this, certain domains of the self will be addressed most likely by a career counselor or a career adviser. These facets would be your personality, your interests, skills and preferences. As you can see, it will combine your educational instruction together with your personal aspects to come up with the most practical options for your careers.

First step in career planning include Self assessment. Numbers of criteria’s are there in this field that will be used for your purpose. The first is the methodology to be used. There are some good career assessment methods that are qualitative measures and some include quantitative in nature. Balancing these methods will help the counselor in providing the best sounding jobs for your future.

The next criterion would be the measured attributes. Some tests will focus more on skills and some will focus more on personality. Some will focus on aptitude. Again, it would be best to take a rigorous path to assess the dimensions thoroughly. Full time participation of special skills are also involve in some careers. Some capitalize on verbal and written skills, while some concentrate on leadership qualities to delegate work effectively.

Check for the validness of the test. Numbers of popular tests are there that are being transformed online and they really cost a lot for a test but some could be just snippets of the real thing. The thing is you should be aware of the validity by checking scientific journals regarding the tests. Have a counselor administer the career assessment if it is possible.

One of the most popular career assessment tools is the Type Indicator. This is used by thousands of home school students or in many educational institutions for students to understand their working styles, the manner they prefer to take information in as well as in decision making and communicating. Another method that can be used is the Strong Interest Inventory which is great for those who are about to enter college or are in their freshman years where things may still be fuzzy in their future dream careers and endeavors.

Again, these tools and others can be beneficial for your discovery and understanding of the way you actually work, and the way you wish to build your careers. The drive to excel in your chosen field and add positively to your career track should make the choice worthwhile. You can take the results with a grain of salt because in reality, the uncertainties in life do add color to the whole process of finding employment and discovering amazing passions along the way.

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