By: Celine Tsung

July 31 mattered to all Americans. The Olympic gold medal of women’s gymnastics team was won back  16 years ago known as the “Magnificent Seven” in 1996! This gold medal did not only encourage plenty of gymnasts but also inspired many Homeschooling families because Elizabeth Price, a 16-year-old Homeschooling student, joined this champion team as alternate in her first international event.


Just like many athletes, Elizabeth had extremely heavy training for most of days and it was impossible for her to attend school during traditional hours. Thus, Homeschooling was chosen by her parents as the best way to provide appropriate education and flexibility to adjust learning path based on her schedule. With such a personalized education approach, Elizabeth was able to take care of her learning and training at a perfect balance. The excellent athletic performance and high potential for a hearty scholarship at universities were the best proof.


Congratulations to the U.S. women gymnastics team! Congratulations, Elizabeth! We all look forward to hearing more exciting news from you!